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Even if your food is delicious and your coffee is the best on your block, the city is a jungle of restaurants, bars, pubs, deli corners, street food stands, take away shops, junk food distributors and every kind of temptation for your customers. On top of that, it takes just one review on a website to kill months of work.

Nowadays, more and more customers look for experience more than products, above all since some products have become a commodity. Unfortunately, some coffee shops are going to have the same sad end: becoming a commodity. A lot of coffee shops and restaurants look like places where you will end up consuming a quick meal or an acrid coffee served by bored staff.

Customer experience, exclusive service, loyalty and engagement are a must in such a  competitive business world and, in such a competitive scenario, coffee shops and restaurants need to increase their potential and take care of their customers.

Take a look at the following services dedicated to you:

  • Our technology will help you to reduce the risk of a bad feedback in social networks and other review website and increase the positive word of mouth with an effective and smart methodology that gives your clients the chance to vote their experience.
  • From concept to customer experience, a journey into the store to give customers a better experience:  CoffeeBI supports you to create your coffee shop/restaurant starting from a concept idea or to improve the experience of your customers turning your shop or chain into an experience journey.
  • Check the satisfaction of your customers and take an action every time you receive a bad feedback.

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