Professional Services for Event Managers

Our offer is for event managers or anybody who organise exhibitions, festivals, fairs, conferences, company events, or product launches. We also give visibility to all satellite activities that work around the coffee industry (hotels, flights, restaurants, etc.).

CoffeeBI is highly targeted on the coffee industry. We are proud of it because every day we reach the right target made up of companies, managers, professionals, barmen (etc.) who work in the coffee market.

Targeting is our recipe to bring the coffee industry to your events, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences.

Nowadays, communication is not only inserting a banner on a web page, but it needs a target, an objective, a program, a mix of tools that make your communication effective.

We put our passion and our professionalism at your service building a flexible communication plan that fits your needs in visibility and your objectives in order to reach your target.

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