Audicaffè: Barista Auditing

Audicaffè is the CoffeeBI product that helps you to increase your sales. We created this flexible product in order to give you the chance to use actionable insights in your short and medium term programs.

The module dedicated to the baristas’ opinion (Barista Auditing) helps you define and design the coffee machines of the future.

The equipment of the future according to baristas

Barista Auditing is a virtual voyage into the coffee shops of the future. We will go to discover what baristas need, which tools they use and how they use their tools (Coffee machines, grinders, dosing machines and other tools for HoReCa),  and above all what they aim to have.

 This is a powerful tool that helps you decide where to invest in innovation and development.

Methodology and some questions it answers

The ad-hoc analyses can be tailored on your needs and they are based on focus group and one to one interviews carried out by 20-year experience researchers.

The analysis will answer some questions, i.e.:

  • The modern barista’s needs: the needs of baristas in connection with the tools they use daily in their coffee shops or bars
  • The barista‘s tools: points of strength and weaknesses of modern tools, what they need and what are their patterns?
  • The future machine: characteristics and functions of future coffee machines. Which functions do baristas need, want and buy?