Boost Your Events, Reach Your Target

Be visible in the coffee industry is not so easy. There are hundreds of competitors, advertising, messages, and offers, and bringing companies, professionals, or simply visitors to your events could be a hard job. Often you spend your budget for campaigns on social networks or magazines that are too generalists. It’s calculated that only 1% of that budget reaches your target. Do you think this is a good investment? What is the Return of Investment (ROI) of your communication?

CoffeeBI is highly targeted on the coffee industry. We are proud of it because we reach only the right users, companies, managers, professionals, barmen (etc.) who work in the coffee market. Targeting is our receipt to bring the coffee industry to your events, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences. Would you like to know more?

Our offer is for exhibitions, festivals, fairs, but also for company events and products, or all satellite activities that work around the coffee industry (hotels, flights, restaurants, etc.) and its events.

Take a look at our solutions (click “+” to open the tabs).

The “solution A1” includes:
  • Your logo in our Event Partners page
  • Your logo and a short bio in our Fairs, Festivals, and Exhibitions page
  • Your information in our Fairs, Festivals, and Exhibitions page (with your name, telephone, email) to help companies contact you directly
CoffeeBI boosts your information:
  • By sharing your events (A1) via social networks and by encouraging discussions and comments
  • By sharing via social networks your audio-video-img materials published into the Multimedia section (C1).
The “Solution B1” includes:
  • the “solution A1”
  • the positioning of your banner in home page.
The “Solution B2” includes:
  • the “solution A1”
  • the positioning of your banner on the side of every page.
The “Solution C1” includes:
  • The “Solution A1”
  • Articles/Press releases published in our highlight section
  • Videos or pictures
The "Solution D1” includes:
  • The “Solution A1”
  • A dedicated newsletter to our NL subscribers and our Exclusive Club Members

Would you like to design a proper “customer journey”?

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