Coffee Roasters

If you are either a local roaster or an international brand, CoffeeBI helps you make the right decisions for your business. We know your challenges, your pains, and your needs, because we come from the coffee industry, just like you, and for years we have dedicated our passion and our professionalism to coffee, exactly like you.

This is the reason why we have thought of a set of services dedicated to your business. We have some standard products that help your discover new markets, and other products that help you investigate specific issues concerning your activity: your competitors, client awareness, new markets to conquer, and the right moment to stock coffee.

Coffee Machine producers

We can proudly affirm that CoffeeBI is the leader in professional espresso coffee machine market analyses. It means that we know the coffee machine market in every aspect and every segment (Professional/HoReCa, Vending, etc.) and we help companies analyse the main figures of the market, but when it comes to the professional espresso segment we are the best.

We go in-depth into the markets and we double check our data with the coffee market figures, by taking advantage of the fact that we are specialised in the coffee industry. As well, we support coffee machine manufacturers with professional services that help them to reach their short-medium term objectives.

Coffee shops and restaurants

Even if your food is delicious and your coffee is the best on your block, the city is a jungle of restaurants, bars, pubs, deli corners, street food stands, take away shops, junk food distributors and every kind of temptation for your customers. On top of that, it takes just one review on a website to kill months of work.

Nowadays, more and more customers look for experience more than products, above all since some products have become a commodity. Unfortunately, some market players are going to have the same sad end: becoming a commodity. They look like places where you will end up consuming a quick meal or an acrid coffee served by bored staff.

Customer experience, exclusive service, loyalty and engagement are a must in such a  competitive business world and, in such a competitive scenario, coffee shops and restaurants need to increase their potential and take care of their customers.

Event Managers

CoffeeBI is highly targeted on the coffee industry. We are proud of it because every day we reach the right target made up of companies, managers, professionals, barmen (etc.) who work in the coffee market.

Targeting is our recipe to bring the coffee industry to your events, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences.

Nowadays, communication is not only inserting a banner on a web page, but it needs a target, an objective, a program, a mix of tools that make your communication effective.

We put our passion and our professionalism at your service building a flexible communication plan that fits your needs in visibility and your objectives in order to reach your target.

Often consulting firms ask for market analyses because they are helping international brands in their investments in the coffee industry.

We know that timing is a key factor in this kind of activity and you need the right data, short-time delivery, and flexible output.

CoffeeBI has worked with the main global consulting firms for years. This is the reason why we are one of the most appreciated supplier for consultants.