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The coffee market (Coffee, Equipment, Machinery & Plants) is growing more and more, even if coffee can be considered a commodity. New technology, an increasing number of local and global competitors, geopolitical facts, and climate changes make the industry really dynamic.

Business intelligence

Thanks to its internal consultants, researcher and analysts, and a network of partners (data agencies, market research institutes, and consulting companies) CoffeeBI is the chief of reference in the world of data for the industry.

CoffeeBI is your partner when you have to take a decision or need to test an idea, when you want to export or understand the clients’ feeling.

Let’s take a look at our services:

CoffeeBI drills down in the coffee industry 

CoffeeMole is the product to understand the coffee and coffee machine market and to analyse the competitive scenario.  Choose the level of deep, the products, the countries and we will tailor an analysis basing on your needs.

CoffeeBI consultants will bring you into the world of coffee, coffee machines, and equipment, with solutions tailored to your objectives.

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All you can know: find a report

If you don’t have much time, you can find one of the reports in our store. Some of them are produced by CoffeeBI, other ones come from our worldwide partners.


Don’t forget your customers

Whether your clients are companies or end users, don’t forget to find out and keep up-to-date on their opinions, tastes, and behaviours.  CoffeeBI offers a new incredible service to reach your clients with a set of innovative qualitative and quantitative analyses.

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Export your products

Less is more, and you want to go straight to the goal: export your product in another country. CoffeeBI offers an innovative methodology to help you export your products. Find out more: click here

Promote your business

CoffeeBI is highly targeted on the coffee industry. We are proud of it because we reach only the right users, companies, managers, professionals, barmen (etc.) who work in the coffee market. Targeting is our receipt to bring the coffee industry to your products. Would you like to know more? Click here