Customer feedback: how to hear the voice of your customers

Turn Customer Experience to your advantage: we help shops/chains to strengthen the relationship with customers and managing all marketing actions without spending time and without any particular analytical or technical skills. Set up the program in a few clicks: that’s all.

One bad review on a website kills the effect of 30 positive ones!

Start acting now!

Did you know that asking for a feedback within the first 30 minutes from a bad experience reduces the risk of a bad feedback in social networks and other review websites by 80%?

Be the first to know if something went good or wrong with one of your clients, and reduce the risk of  a bad and dangerous score in one of million feedback portals.

Experience is your key-asset? Listen to your customers when they give you a feedback (positive or negative, whatever), and be informed immediately every time a customer has a less than perfect experience in your shop. Open a dialogue with customers and recover unsatisfied ones before they give a bad review on several review portals .

Welcome to relationship marketing 4.0! Our service will monitor several indicators and gives you the chance to take actions to keep your customers happy and loyal.

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What this service is and is not…

  • This service gives you the chance to receive a direct feedback by your clients and your customer satisfaction trends and indices
  • This service takes any feedback directly in your shop by using collateral (customised with your logo and colours)
  • This service reduces the so called “TripAdvisor effect” and gives you the chance to take actions in a very short time
  • This service is multi-language
  • This service is not an app. If you have your own app we can boost it . If your shop doesn’t have an app, we have an app for you.

This product is suggested for HoReCa players, bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, catering service, etc.

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In other countries, please contact CoffeeBI: click here


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