Customer experience is the new frontier to win your competitors. How can you imporve it? 


Analyse and check your customers' experience to improve your service.


Improve your Staff's coffee and service skills for an exclusive experience of your clients.


Improve your menu, service model, and equipment: they make your place unique.


Even if your product is really good, the market is a jungle of restaurants, bars, pubs, deli corners, street food stands, take away shops, junk food distributors, and every kind of temptation for your customers.  The same happens for Hotels, B&B, and every Ho.Re.Ca. operators. 

On top of that, it takes just one review on a website to kill months of work. So customer experience matters, definitely!

Experience is a key factor of successBut how can you improve it in a virtuous circle?

Technology is important but it’s not enough. CoffeeBI merges specific relationship marketing experience with analytics, technology, creativity, and vertical expertise in the HoReCa industry. 

CoffeeBI aims to overcome the limits of traditional methodology, through a technology-based approach and the expertise of its team. This is a marketing 4.0 approach that merges an online and offline methods basing on several touch-points where customers can express their experience.

We use marketing, research, and technology to go straight to the heart of your objectives. 


reducetheriskReinforce positive thinking and reduce negative effects

All types of positive or negative feedback on one of the many review websites affects your brand, no matter if the score is given to only one of the shops in your network. We call this the “TripAdvisor effect” and it represents a serious issue to take into consideration, either if your position is good or bad. 

If your score is good you need to consolidate your positive position, if it’s bad you need to reduce the negative wave. CoffeeBI helps you to get immediate feedback to reduce any further actions by unsatisfied clients by 80%. Experts calculate that one bad review on a website kills the effect of 30  positive ones.

Be aware and take actions to engage your clients

Receiving direct feedback allows your team to be aware of what is going on in their shops (or shop network). 

If your franchising works with Local managers, they need to have their business under control, to take direct action in regards to unsatisfied clients or targeting campaigns basing on ongoing results. 

As well, the headquarters need to check how the brand is treated by franchisees and calibrate marketing campaigns with the chance to target messages to specific clusters (for example, very satisfied clients, geo-localised clients, etc.). CoffeeBI lets your local manager receive real time feedback and helps you analyse the results and take action.

And don’t forget your remarketing strategy: without needing any customer profiling data, you can set your retargeting campaigns clustering your clients basing on satisfaction, language, engagement and other factors.

Help your employees work for an excellent service

Training people is always a circular process. Arrange your training plans basing on ongoing and real results, and check the progress with data & info collection. 

Also, give your operation managers an effective tool to check the progress of their staff and the progress in their training session. 

Customer experience is more and more a key factor to success in the HoReCa sector.

After working on new products for months, it’s time for the go-to market.

Pre-tests, focus groups, and other kinds of product testing always work in a «protect zone». It’s much different when you need to face your real clients «in the field», check their feedback, and analyse what they think about it.

CoffeeBI helps you go to the market to analyse your customers’ feedback in real time.

And don’t forget your remarketing strategy: without needing any customer profiling data, you can set your retargeting campaigns clustering your clients basing on satisfaction, language, engagement and other factors.

Clients demands have been changing through out the years, they are more and more informed and demanding, and more attention to details is needed in the HoReCa sector. 

Our combined expertise can help change the mind set of simple selling techniques, which can satisfied the need of these new consumers. 

By renovating existing boutiques or creating ad-hoc stores, working alongside architects and designers, we have been able to make the shopping experience, unique and unforgettable.

​We offer a 360° consultancy, from the concept (your idea) to the project design, studying your brand image and identity, packaging designonline presence and social media, customer relationship management, loyalty program and instant feedback.

​Our team of graphics, designers, architects, marketing specialists and party planners are at your disposal to offer a successful project by taking care of all the aspects of your start up.