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The 4 Steps to Ultimate Success

CoffeeBI helps your coffee business to grow abroad, with a modular service to evaluate your target markets, your expected ROI (Return of Investment), and assists you in finding the right distributor. We help your managers make the best decision on which market to invest in.

country map
Country Welcome Kit is the first step to approach a new market. This easy-to-read report gives you an overview on the country and some indices of macro-activities in the area.In particular, it includes:
  • International flows (current year figures, CAGR trends and 3 year forecasts) in volume and value
  • Price monitoring (Average prices and country comparison)
  • Positioning maps (Positioning of Competing Countries in the International Environment)
  • Positioning of products in the destination country and comparison with the competing countries
  • Dimension and trends in the local market

Overcoming the barriers is a CoffeeBI consulting service for managers and business owners that helps you set your strategy to enter into the market.

In particular, it helps you to choose the right marketing mix:
  • Key factors of attractiveness for your business
  • Accessibility level
  • Key factors of success
  • Local competition
  • The distribution structure
  • Consumption and customer knowledge rates
  • Laws and any barriers
  • defining your business plan and R.O.I. (Return of Investment)
  • fine-tuning your value proposition
  • deciding your distribution strategy (channels, price, range, etc.)
Country Welcome Kit is mandatory for this service.
Target a Distributor is the CoffeeBI consulting service to help you take your first steps in the new country.It includes:
  • Resource analysis (network of contacts, investments, etc.)
  • Entry Strategy (Channels, Target, Production / Direct Export, Commercial Network, etc.)
  • Marketing mix to operate
  • Budget of costs, revenue targets, break-even point
  • Timing Plan
  • Database of local distributors, based on your needs and strategic objectives (see the Country Welcome Kitand Overcoming the barriers)
Country Welcome Kit is mandatory for this service.
landing to the countryLANDING TO THE COUNTRY
With Coming To, CoffeeBI brings you to meet your new partners in the destination country, helping you to
  • Identifying local facilitators for the search and selection of distributors, importers and companies looking for partnerships.
  • Preliminary contacts with potential business partners to evaluate the potential and feasibility of the agreement. Sketching and Prospect shortlist
  • Selecting and supporting participation in events (fairs, exhibitions, industry meetings, etc.)
  • Participating in the most important and significant events (fairs, expo, industry meetings, etc.)
Country Welcome Kit and Target a Distributor are mandatory for this service.


Coming to Europe?

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Europe is a wonderful continent and a great place to do business. People say if you become successful in Europe you can become successful anywhere in the world. And do you know why? Europe is made up of the European Union and other extra-EU countries. The one and only European Union is made up of 28 different countries, 24 spoken languages, and a labyrinth of laws and local tax policies.

Speaking of coffee, you may find a world of different tastes and habits even in the same country. Which coffee machines are used in the north-east of France, and which ones in the south?  How do Italians drink coffee in the southern regions and which are the coffee districts of the northern region? How can the UK afford Brexit and what about the Specialty Coffee wave in the northern and eastern parts of Europe? Is Germany still divided by tastes?

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CoffeeBI is your partner for Europe. We help you discover the “Old Continent” and show you the coffee business side of the European hearth.

Coming to Europe can be a hard job if you try to undertake it alone, but it can be really easy if you put your faith into our professionals and specialists of the coffee industry.

What is your objective? What are your strategic goals? Do you really know the market you have targeted? Do you already have the right contacts?