From Concept to Experience

From concept to customer experience, a journey into the store to give customers a better experience.

CoffeeBI empowers you to improve your coffee shop or restaurant concept, bringing you from your idea to the final product, and from your existing shop to a new experience.


We help you realising your goals, by accompanying your project from your draft idea to the go-to-market stage.

  • Concept Testing we analyse your potential consumers’ reactions and desires to a new proposed idea or service, or just a concept, before you invest or before your go-to-market product.
  • Product testing: we analyse your potential consumers’ reactions to a new product or just an idea of product, before your investment or before its go-to-market final stage.


We help you improve your location, by accompanying you to turn your product-centric business into an experience-centric activity.

  • Space testing: CoffeeBI analyses the consumers behaviour and how they move within the shop, what they look for when they enter into the location, and what they give more value (categories, brands, accessibility, etc) to at their first stage. This analysis helps you position objects and your staff in a more functional way.
  • Visibility testing: We analyse your shelf and product layouts, their visibility within the store or shop, to understand the best place and display for your products according to customers.
  • Choices testing:  we analyse your consumer needs within your coffee shop and their criteria of choice, what they give more value (brand, products, space, etc) to.
  • Brand Awareness:  If you are an extensive coffee chain we help you test consumers mind map (memory, knowledge, and consciousness) of your and your competitors’ brand, which are the values they attribute to your brand, and their intention to visit or buy.


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