Coffee Competition Mole

Gets access to a more complete understanding of your competitors and strategies with detailed competitive information


The Coffee Competition Mole (CCM) provides a detailed overview of selected business competitors, including information related to their corporate evolution, social network presence, and products & price points.

Unlike our competitors or generic financial data providers, CoffeeBI gives you a specific competition analysis on one or more specific coffee segments you require (i.e. HoReCa, Office, etc.)

Our Competition Mole consists of detailed Competitor Sheets for the operators selected by the customer. You can select among three levels of depth of analysis:

  • Competition List: List of main coffee companies in the country by range of dimension with address and main contacts
  • Competition Size: Competition scenario in a specific geographical area
  • Competition in a specific Market/Segment:
    • Retail Market
    • Out-of-Home Market
    • Coffee Shops & HoReCa
    • Offices


  • The competitors that matter.  Select the companies you are interested in and get specific information about them.
  • Detailed information. Unlike public records and other sources, the Competitor Mole includes very detailed competitive information including online presence and detailed market shares.