Coffee Shop Bootcamp

Experience and Passion for Giving Coffee Shop Start-Ups an Easy Way to Open Successfully

The first Coffee Shop Bootcamp will be held at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee’s brand new Campus in London over three days from 20th September 2017. It will cover everything from developing your niche to location, funding, property, design, suppliers, menu, people, marketing and profit maximisation. John Richardson is a best-selling author and coffee […]

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bootcamp copertina

The UK’s Top Coffee Shop Experts Launch the First Coffee Shop Bootcamp

John Richardson and Andrew & Claire Bowen (CoffeeBI’s Opinion Leaders) announced the launch of the world’s first Coffee Shop Bootcamp, in association with Union Hand-Roasted Coffee. The first time that the three best-selling authors have worked together to bring together their knowledge, experience and passion for giving coffee shop start-ups an easy […]

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