The Filter Brew Coffee Machine Market in the OFFICE & COMMUNITY business

The most advanced analysis onthe Coffee Capsule & Pod Machine market in the OFFICE & COMMUNITY business. Additional splits for types of business (Offices vs Communities) and additional segment on demand (Instant Liquid Machines).



The OFFICE & COMMUNITY Filter Brew Coffee Machine market report includes the following information:

  • Market data (volume and value)
  • Sell-in prices
  • Trends: 3 years
  • Forecasts: 3 years (add-on)

Additional elements:

  • Location: Choose a country (example France, Italy, USA, Australia, etc.) or a consolidated area (example America, Europe, Asia, etc.)
  • Segments: Additional splits on demand (Offices vs Communities).
  • Additional segment on demand: Instant Liquid Machines (add on)


  • Estimated timing of delivery: 10 working days
  • We usually deliver a PDF report, but we also have a special procedure for consulting firms (quick delivery with optional Excel tables).


  • Our methodology is based on a mix of primary and secondary sources, direct interviews, internal data, and official statistical data about the country.
  • CoffeeBI uses varying levels of detail and goes in depth into the coffee and coffee machine market. Learn more about CoffeeBI Depth Levels and methodology: click here