HORECA Portioned Coffee
Capsules & Pods

Your source for insights on the HORECA portioned coffee market

Dive into advanced research on the HORECA Portioned (Capsules & Pods) Coffee market, offering in-depth insights beyond standard reports. Our study emphasizes a meticulous analysis of away-from-home coffee consumption, recognizing the need for tailored approaches over generic pre-made reports.

This advanced and comprehensive research report focuses on the Portioned (Capsules & Pods) market within the HORECA business. Unlike typical market research reports, our study provides more in-depth and detailed data, ensuring a thorough analysis of the away-from-home coffee market.

When examining data related to the consumption of coffee outside the home, it is crucial to consider the unique characteristics of each country and conduct a meticulous analysis of each segment. We firmly believe that a pre-made report may not fulfill all your objectives due to its generic approach.

To ensure the utmost accuracy, our research methodology begins with a specific focus on individual countries, allowing for a granular and detailed level of analysis. By drilling down into the specifics of each country, we can provide precise insights into consumption volume and value, sell-in prices, market trends, and future forecasts (we recommend a 3-year timeframe).

Furthermore, we understand the importance of segmenting the market to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play. Our report offers a breakdown of the Horeca and Offices/Communities segments, and if required, we can further divide them into sub-segments such as Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, Airports, Railways, and more.

In terms of data delivery, we offer flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Once you have defined the scope of your research, we can tailor a report that includes the relevant data. Alternatively, if you prefer a faster delivery, we can provide the data in an Excel table format.

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of elements that you can customize to compose a research report that perfectly aligns with your needs. This includes selecting the geographical areas of interest, determining the desired level of consolidation, and specifying any additional sub-segments that you require for a more targeted analysis.

Level C of in-depth analyses

Level D of in-depth analyses


Our output is not a pre-made report or a database extraction. We craft customized analyses aligned with client objectives, following a defined scope and methodology.

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