A complete analysis of end consumers, tailored to your needs,

to increase your market share and test your and your competitors’ products .


Who, What, Where, When, and Why are not only the 5Ws of journalism, but also the questions that everyday you ask in your business.

Experience is essential in the coffee industry, and nobody better than you knows your clients in the field, but what about your potential customers? Why do people prefer your competitors? And how consumer tastes are changing in a fast-moving world?

Business intelligence means knowledge and we cover the following segments: Coffee (R&G, Whole bean, Portioned, Instant/Soluble, RTD)Equipment for coffee  (Espresso Coffee machines, Filter Coffee machines, Liquid Coffee machines, Pod machines, Commercial Grinders), Machinery & plants for coffee processing (Roasting machines/ plants, Industrial Grinders, Dosing, Filling & Wrapping machines).

Research Manager

Antonella Ramirez, our qualitative research manager, leads a team of researchers and market experts.

Focus groups

A complete analysis of end-consumers to be tailored to your needs, and based on focus group, ethnographic interviews, or panel questions carried out by researchers with 20 years of experience.

  • The reasons for a choice: which brands do your consumers know? What does your brand represent for people and why do they choose it?
  •  Opportunities: what do people know about your competitors? Do your competitors’ customers know your products? And what do they know? What do they like and don’t like? Is this a matter of taste, habits, distribution or price?
  •  Key drivers: what are the key drivers that could move my competitors’ clients to choose my coffee?

Ethnography analyses

  • The reasons for a choice: what’s considered news in the world of coffee for consumers? What do consumers think is new and valuable? What does your product represent for people and why do they choose a particular brand?
  • Opportunities: How is the market going to evolve? How can I insert myself into the main current trends or future trends?


Focus groups provide insights into how people think and provide a deeper understanding of the phenomena being studied. A focus group typically consists of a small number of participants, usually around 6 to 12, from within a company’s target market. The consumers are brought together and led through discussions of important company and brand topics by a moderator, giving the researcher the ability to capture deeper information more economically than individual interviews.

Ethnography is the study of social interactions, behaviours, and perceptions that occur within groups, teams, organisations, and communities. This methodology gives a strong emphasis on exploring the nature of a particular social or consuming phenomenon, by working with unstructured data and by investigating a small number of cases. We use online panels for extensive base to our  qualitative hints. Online panels are pre-selected groups of people that are participate in marketing researches.


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