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The MARKET LEVELS (or SEGMENTS) are shown as a funnel with several tiers of analysis, each representing a different level of concentration.

Level [A]: At the top is the most superficial level, which provides an overview of the coffee or coffee machine market.

Level [B]: Descending to the next level, the analysis offers a breakdown of the total market, divided between the Home (H) and Out of Home (OOH) segments.

Level [C]: Further down, Level C examines the Out of Home (OOH) segment, which is further divided into HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, and Cafe) and NON-HORECA subsegments.

Level [D]: Deeper still, Level D provides a detailed breakdown of each market segment, rather than consolidated figures.

Level [E]: At the narrowest and deepest level, Level E dives into micro-segments, offering an unprecedented level of detail and insights into highly specific aspects of coffee distribution. 

Note: For Level E, the niches shown are only examples. The specific niches can be chosen and may differ based on the country