The Instant & Soluble Coffee Market in the OFFICE & Community business

This is the most advanced research about Instant & Soluble coffee in the OFFICE & COMMUNITY business. Additional splits for types of business (Offices vs Communities) and additional micro-splits for Offices (Large, Medium, Small) and Communities (Airports, Railways, Educational, Healthcare, High Frequency Areas).


Note: See below to learn about all the elements and data delivered with this research. You can customise this research by selecting the geography, consolidation level, and any sub-segments you require.


The OFFICE & COMMUNITY Instant & Soluble coffee market report includes the following information:

  • Market data (volume and value)
  • Sell-in prices
  • Trends: 3 years
  • Forecasts: 3 years (add-on)

Additional elements:

  • Location: Choose a country (example France, Norway, Russia, Italy, etc.) or a consolidated area (example Europe, East Europe, Asia, etc.)
  • Segments: Additional splits on demand (Offices vs Communities).
  • Additional micro-splits on demand for Offices (Large, Medium, Small) and Communities (Airports, Railways, Educational, Healthcare, High Frequency Areas).


  • Important: our data is always up to date. This is the reason why we build your report with current data as soon as your order is required. As soon as you buy the report, a consultant will keep in contact with you for a 5-working-day delivery.
  • We usually deliver a PDF report, but we also have a special procedure for consulting firms (quick delivery with optional Excel tables).


  • Our methodology is based on a mix of primary and secondary sources, direct interviews, internal data, and official statistic data about the country.
  • CoffeeBI uses several levels of detail and goes in depth into the coffee and coffee machine market. Learn more about CoffeeBI Depth Levels and methodology: click here