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Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian Coffee – Single Origin & Traceability

Ethiopia, popularly known as the birthplace of Arabica Coffee, today accounts for 3 % of the coffee grown worldwide. The main coffee growing regions are Lekempt, Jimma, Limmu, Sidamo, and ...
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Robocoff _ Coffee robot

Robots collect money for the machines revolution

Robots! What they are able to do? The images from the fantastic movies about the future immediately appear in our minds, where they are able to do anything! But how ...
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Covid-19 continues to affect coffee supply chain

The COVID-19 pandemic, according to the exporting countries, will continue to affect coffee supply chains. Farmers and producers expect to experience prolonged labor shortages, increased production costs, diminished infrastructure, and ...
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In a country where whisky is the King, can coffee compete? History and coffee culture in Scotland

Centuries-old legends state a passing monk to have spotted a herd of ‘dancing’ goats which seemed restless after feeding on a berry-like substance. It was then when he decided to ...
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