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Brazilian producers of specialty coffees want to reinforce the sustainable image of the growing in the country

specialty coffee brazil

With environmental concerns growing for political reasons, the project Brazil. The Coffee Nation wants to show that there is conscientious production in Brazil. Before accepting a new member, the BSCA – Brazil Specialty Coffee Association, assesses the quality of the

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Less Brazilian coffee on the markets around the world, export decreased

Top destination for brazilian exports

According to Cecafé monthly report, Brazilian coffee exports recorded a decrease of 24.3% in February 2020: 2.7 million bags compared to over 3.5 million recorded in the same month of 2019. Arabica coffee represented 81.5% of total exports in February with 2.2 million bags shipped. Instant coffee made up 10.4% to 281,000 bags. Robusta coffee contributed 8.1% of exports with 219,000 bags, an increase of 3.3% on an annual basis. The main destinations for Brazilian coffee were the United States, Germany and Italy.

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