The Market for Professional Espresso Machines in 2023: +1.2% in value but volumes decrease

The 2023 global professional market for traditional espresso machines experienced a 1.2% increase in value despite a 4.1% decrease in total units sold, suggesting operators’ shift towards mid-range and premium models.

In 2023, the global out-of-home market for traditional espresso machines underwent interesting changes. Although the total professional market value increased by 1.2%, from 863.2 million euros in 2022 to 873.6 million euros, the number of units sold decreased by -4.1%. This suggests a slight change in operator preferences and market dynamics.

2023 traditional coffee machines

Although the number of traditional espresso machines sold decreased, their market value experienced an increase. This rise was mainly due to a professional operator shift towards mid-range and premium models. The performance varied across different machine categories and geographical regions, reflecting complex preferences and market trends. As the industry continues to evolve, manufacturers and stakeholders need to adapt their strategies to meet the shifting demands of espresso enthusiasts around the world.

Let’s delve deeper into the machinery market, breaking it down by different groups:

Shift Towards Mid-Range and Premium Models

In the espresso machine market of 2023, a noteworthy trend is emerging, characterised by a clear and distinct shift in preferences. Instead of opting for basic or entry-level models, professional operators are increasingly gravitating towards mid-range and premium models of espresso machines. This discernible shift is indicative of an increasing demand for espresso machines that deliver superior quality and enhanced performance.

The HORECA market is seeking products that offer more than just the basic functionality; they are looking for machines that promise a rich and authentic espresso experience. This trend is driving the market dynamics in a very interesting direction. Instead of the dominance of lower-priced brackets, the market is witnessing a surge of interest in higher-priced brackets.

Over the past few months, we have observed also a consistent trend of price increases across all markets. This upward shift in prices, which averages between 3 to 4%, is not isolated to a specific market but rather a common pattern throughout.

Segment Performance Analysis 2023

Coffee Machines with 1 group

This segment of the professional market experienced the most significant downturn, both in terms of market value and the number of units sold.

  • Value decline: -18.6%
  • Units sold decline: -19.5%

Coffee Machines with 2

Professional machines equipped with 2 groups have shown instead a robust performance, indicating a continued and sustained demand for these mid-tier models. Professional operators are evidently seeking a balance between functionality and affordability. They are interested in machines that have multiple features.

  • Value increase: +8.7%
  • Units sold increase: +1.5%

Coffee Machines with 3+ groups

The professional segment containing 3+ groups faced significant challenges, evidenced by a notable decline in both its market value and the number of units sold.

  • Value decrease: -9.4%
  • Units sold reduction: -8%

Geographical Trends

In terms of global trends from a geographical perspective, we see a complex and diverse market landscape. Europe, for example, went through a downturn, marked by a decrease in both the total units sold and overall market value.

On the other hand, the business landscape in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Middle East and Africa (MEA) regions displayed an upswing, with both areas witnessing notable growth.