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Specialty Coffee: 3 Reasons To Explain To your Customers

Specialty Coffee_ 3 Reasons To Explain To your Customers

Customers often ask “Is it worth to pay extra for just a cup of coffee?”
Many customers ignore the fact that a cup of specialty coffee has much more value than they may see it on the outside. It’s a work of a collective craftsmanship which has a lot of hard work behind the scene. So,  your customers should understand what they are paying for, when they are enjoying a cup of ‘expensive’ coffee.

Turkish Coffee Culture: An Intangible Cultural Heritage

Turkish coffee culture

Turkey has a long-established coffee culture with a rich history that has become ingrained in many elements of Turkish culture. Deemed so important in 2013 UNESCO inscribed Turkish coffee culture and tradition into the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Consumption of coffee in Turkey for 2017 was still relatively low compared to many European countries but Turkey has experienced a growth in many coffee shop chains over recent years, including the global giant Starbucks and its competitors.

Which Trends Offer Opportunities on the European Coffee Market? (Part 1)

Which Trends Offer Opportunities on the European Coffee Market? (Part 1)

The coffee market has changed into an increasingly concerned sector in terms of quality and sustainability, based on the awareness of the impact of climate change and new consumer demands.

The first wave included the increase in the quantity and guaranteed quality and taste.
The second wave resulted in making the difference in quality and flavor of coffees.
The third wave is constantly implanting in various countries taking with itself the experience of drinking coffee and the distinctive methods of roasting and [Sign in to continue]

Coffee Culture and Specialty Coffee in the Middle East


Last month, Trade Arabia announced that Coffee Planet, a coffee roaster and coffee shop chain in the Middle East, signed a franchise agreement with HB Brands for 70 shops in Saudi Arabia. Coffee Planet, based in Dubai, embarked on the franchise concept in order to expand its global presence, adding to its existing franchise agreements in UAE, Qatar, Pakistan and Malaysia.

There are changes taking place in Middle Eastern coffee culture [Sign in to continue]