The Increasing Consumption Of Coffee In China

Looking at per capita coffee consumption, five to six cups per person per year, in a so highly populated nation like China, seems to promise for future growth as there has been a double digit rise in coffee production and consumption in the past few years.

Extracted from the monthly export and import data of the last 20 years, ICO estimated that for past ten years, every year there has been an average of 16% coffee consumption growth. That’s a significant improvement considering the Chinese nation is primarily tea drinker and this is just the beginning, according to DailyCoffeeNews.

According to Dataresearch, the coffee consumption in China is increasing dramatically and in 2014 it has been estimated in 95,306.4 tons.

The Yunnan Coffee Association (Yunnan is the province where 95% of China’s coffee grows) has also announced that they have huge investment plans (about US$480 million) for soil quality betterment and research and training centers set-ups.

Increasing coffee shops in urban areas is the sign of a new coffee trend for Chinese people. Among the major coffee chains, Starbucks is there with about 2000 stores over 100 cities. Since the huge number of stores being achieved in 17 years, it plans to open 500 more outlets by the end of 2016 and increase the sum total to 3,400 locations by 2019, according to Forbes and Fortune. Starbucks is only one out of many names. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, for example, are investing in the area.

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