Is a coffee crisis coming soon? Leave your opinion

According to The Telegraph, a coffee crisis could hit the UK within 3 to 5 years because of  the spread of artisan and chain coffee shops across the UK, an higher consumption and a finer tastes of coffee that have created a structural imbalance between supply and demand.

The UK consumers have been drinking high quality coffee, basically arabica, that grow at very high altitude on farms that are often less than a hectare in side and have low yields, as reported by Jeffrey Young of Allegra.

The crisis may involve the quality of coffee consumed as well as the demand of arabica, but it could impact the coffee machine market. Surprisingly an increasing request of high quality coffee not satisfied may open the market to pod machine manufactures in the Ho.Re.Ca channel. Over the past years, pod machines were accused to make poor quality coffee but some successful marketing campaigns  and a different coffee taste helped them to conquer market segments.

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