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Coffee Plants Used For Forest Conservation By The Cibulao Farmers

Coffee Plants Used For Forest Conservation By The Cibulao Farmers

Farmers in the Cibulao village have been using the coffee plant to protect the forest against illegal exploitation, as reported by The Jakarta Post. The coffee farmers’ movement was started by three siblings, Kiryono, Jumpono, and Dasim, all of whom are residents of Cibulao working for the Ciliwung tea plantation. Cibulao is located in the Puncak area of Bogor, in the

Uganda: The Government Promoting Coffee Production

Uganda: The Government Promotes The Coffee Production

Uganda’s minister of Agriculture, Vincent Sempijja, has expressed concern over Ugandans not embracing coffee production which, to him, will help in poverty alleviation. Mr Sempijja says that government is doing its best by promoting coffee production through programs like Operation Wealth Creation, yet evidence shows that farmers are not embracing these efforts. He emphasized the favorable coffee market situation, with

Global Coffee Platform Showcases Farmer Income Potential In 11 Countries

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The Global Coffee Platform has released a new study that shows ways of improving the income of coffee farmers through improvements in yield, quality, training as well as empowerment of women farmers, as reported by Daily Coffee News. The study which was carried out in partnership with Technoserve covered 11 key coffee-growing countries in the world. This included including Brazil, Colombia,

Seoul to Host the 2017 World AeroPress Championship


The Gangnam district of Seoul, the South Korean capital will be receiving 60 competitors representing their countries for the 2017 AeroPress Championship. This is expected to be the largest World AeroPress Championship as the winners will join others on the first day, Thursday, November 9, 2017 for the great Café Seoul show. An announcement by the Australian-based team made up