3 Tips To Bear In Mind If You Want To Make Your Coffee Unforgettable

3 Tips To Bear In Mind If You Want To Make Your Coffee UnforgettableIt is important for baristas to know how to make their coffee unforgettable. Dr Christopher Hendon, assistant professor at the University of Oregon, has experimented in ways to improve coffee quality with a group of baristas.

As reported by the Daily Mail, it turned out that hard water is one of the key elements to look at if you wish to get repeat business from consumers. Hard water depends on the presence of magnesium and calcium, which exalt coffee flavour.

It is very important to store coffee beans in the fridge, fresh beans include carbon dioxide that evaporates during coffee preparation, and it causes a loss in what makes coffee flavour.

Last but not least is the coffee grinder. Dr. Hendon declared that by predetermining the coffee-to-water-ratio and the water pressure, the maximum extraction can then be systematically determined.

This way, baristas can improve the quality of their coffee cup and also reduce coffee waste.

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