SCA Roasting Certification in a Specialty Coffee Plantation

Organized by Four Worlds Coffee (FWC), Spazio Barista, and coffee producer Jose Ignacio Jijon, for the first time in Ecuador a Roasting Certification endorsed by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is taking place in a coffee plantation. Four Worlds CoffeeFWC, Spazio Barista, and José Ignacio Jijón joint forces to offer coffee lovers a unique opportunity to learn about coffee roasting techniques and get a certification, in a coffee plantation and a paradisiac environment.

Ennio Cantergiani, teacher at Académie du Café in Geneva, and opinion leader at CoffeeBI, is a SCA Instructor of Barista Skills, Roasting, Brewing and Green Coffee. In addition, he is a Coffeologist and holds two Masters in Food Science and Food Regulatory Affairs. He has over twenty years of experience in the coffee world.

Gil Honegger, founder or Four Worlds Coffee (FWC), is binational, Swiss and Ecuadorian. With FWC he focuses his activities on three areas: the marketing and international promotion of Ecuadorian coffee, the promotion of the market and national culture, and the implementation of projects for sustainable development.

Founder of Spazio Barista, César Párraga discovered specialty coffee more than seven years ago. In 2016, founded his academy to transmit his coffee skills and knowledge of coffee all around the country to coffee shops, producers and people interested in this art.

José Jijón loves his family, music, the mountains and obviously coffee. In 2010, after a trip to Intag, Imbabura, he bought a magnificent property and decided to launch a project for the preservation of the environment. He planted 24.000 trees, and he started to produce coffee, always relying on quality. He is involved with the community and improving the condition of women, which is the aim of his Finca. Since 2017, he has roasted his own coffee in his property.

Finca Soledad is located at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level, in the Intag Region in Imbabura Province (North of Ecuador). Varieties of coffee produced in the property are Bourbon Sidra (variety from Ecuador and highly rated), Castillo, Caturra and Typica. All these coffees are micro-lots, with washed, honey and natural benefits.

The certification will bring knowledge about coffee roasting from theory to practice. Ennio is teaching how to roast coffee in a traditional way with new technology such as the Artisan software to measure water content, colour, apparent density and actual density. This part of the course targets people interested in artisanal roasting or to those who wish to work with it.

The first course took place on September 15 and 16, and the second course will be on September 17 and 18. Transportation, overnight stay, food, certificate and all the necessary material, are included in the price.

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