Russian Coffee Chain Opens its First Restaurant in New York

On December 17 Russian restaurant chain Coffeemania opened its first restaurant in New York City.

The restaurant is located in Bryant Park, one of the busiest Manhattan districts, and can host up to 105 guests. The design was created by a French company GBRH Design.

Titus Wang became the chef in this new place. He created a menu that combines all the hits of Moscow Coffeemania and his vision of French and Asian cuisine.

The citizens of New York can now try all famous Russian desserts like Smetannik (sour cream based cake) or Pannochka. Plus the coffee menu has also travelled across the Atlantic, so baristas are ready to treat New Yorkers with Coffee Raff, Latte Singapore, Latte Halva and many others.

First Coffeemania restaurant opened in Moscow in 2001. Its concept is a unique blend of a coffee shop with cozy atmosphere and a restaurant offering dishes from around the world. Each restaurant has its own design and it is, in fact, a unique project of its own.

Coffeemania is a member of SCAE since 2001.

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