The One Thing Every Office in the World Must Have – a Coffee Machine

If you think coffee is a not a big deal, you’re mistaken! If there is one thing that every small and big company needs to have, it is to give free coffee to its employees. Having a coffee machine at the office can contribute a lot towards the satisfaction of employees. The benefits of having a coffee maker in the company are numerous, some of them being:

  • Increases work productivity

It is not a surprise that caffeine helps in keeping a person alert and more productive throughout the day. It is scientifically proven to improve concentration and when consumed at work, it helps in efficiency. People who work for long hours tend to rely on coffee to keep them going while they work.

A coffee break can also help employees perform tasks more efficiently What’s more, the dangers of sitting for too long can be reduced by taking coffee breaks. Getting the employees energized and freshened up with a cup of coffee always helps improve productivity.

  • Helps in networking

Do you get to have small talk with your boss once in awhile? How often do you greet your colleagues sitting at the other end of the office? Coffee breaks do exactly that. Having a coffee machine in the break room helps employees network with each other and break the ice.

Sometimes the most productive conversations take place during a coffee break. It helps in facilitating teamwork as people get to know each other over a cup of coffee.

  • Low cost motivational factor

Having a coffee machine at the workplace is very economical considering the number of options available in the market today. But, it can also goes a long way in keeping the employees satisfied.

Employees prefer having small perks like this everyday at work rather than a company party once in awhile.

  • Contributes to employee satisfaction

A good cup of coffee can keep an employee happy throughout the day. Companies take different measures to achieve employee satisfaction, and investing on a good coffee machine is one of them.

Employees will appreciate such small gestures and work better. There are often stressful days in the corporate environment. Coffee, as we all know, helps in keeping the stress away, and also increases focus.

  • Coffee machines save time

Employees need coffee, whether they have it in the office or have to go to a nearby cafe. Having a coffee machine at the workplace helps save time that employees spend on going out for a coffee break. It also gives the opportunity for them to take a short break and get back to work, instead of going all the way out to get a cup of coffee. Discover a few coffee services for company.

Coffee Options

There is a strong correlation between offices and coffee machines. Work places have multiple options when considering to get a coffee machine at their premises. They can rent, lease, or choose to buy a coffee machine. They can even choose from a range of different types of coffee machines available on the market.

There are coffee vending machines, bean-to -cup, espresso, and many other options to choose from. It is one of the most basic facilities that every office in the world needs to provide to their employees. Because, a hot cup of coffee surely keeps all employee happy.

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