Starbucks Italy to open in Milan, Verona, Venice, Rome, and Naples

MILAN – Starbucks has officially announced that they will open in Milan in 2017 in collaboration with Percassi. Although only three stores are confirmed (Milan, Verona, and Venice), it is also likely for the shop to open in Rome and Naples.

Howard Schultz, Starbucks chief executive, has always told that the history of the Starbucks was inspired from how Italians create their espresso and many of their accomplishments were from the experiences they learned in Italy: “We waited for many years for the opportunity to demonstrate our deep respect for the Italian people and their rich heritage and culture around the art of coffee, and believe that now is the right time for Starbucks to come to Milan, in the right way,” he said.

Their Italian partner, Antonio Percassi, president of Percassi, recognized the challenges in their new venture: “We know that we are going to face a unique challenge with the opening of the first Starbucks store in Italy, the country of coffee, and we’re confident that Italian people are ready to live the Starbucks experience”, Seattle Times reported.

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