How to Green a Morning Routine

Coffee consumption has been rising to astronomically high levels all around the world. This comes as no surprise because a hot cup of coffee is what most people want to wake up to. But, do you ever wonder how many natural resources are required to make one cup of coffee? Coffee is one of the major reasons for creating environmental waste. But if you would like to be more eco-friendly, there are several ways that you can adapt that can make you a responsible coffee consumer. Adapting to small changes and alternatives can go a long way in reducing the threat to our environment. There is a lot of paper being used to make coffee cups and coffee filters, plastic to make stirrers, and electricity for brewing coffee. There are some coffee shops that are environmentally conscious and have taken measures like having wooden stirrers and recyclable coffee mugs. The infographic below, compiled by Market Inspector, gives you tips on how you can green your morning coffee routine and contribute to environment friendly coffee practices.

How to Green Your Coffee Routine

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