Pros and Cons of the Most Common Coffee Machines at Workplace

coffee-machinesIt is indisputable that coffee machine represents an essential equipment of every work environment. Coffee break provides a welcome pause during meetings and in general plays a crucial role in social life of a workplace. Coffee keeps people alert and makes them more productive. That is another reason why every employer should consider having a machine that serves coffee beverages.

No matter if we talk about single serve coffee machines, manual espresso machines, bean to cup coffee machines or coffee vending machines, they all work as a meeting point for co-workers in any course of the day. The bond between coffee and happy employees gets even more unshakeable if the quality of coffee is high and the preparation smooth. Check what are the major pros and cons of the most common coffee machines at workplace.

Filter Coffee Machines

Filter coffee makers represent the cheapest choice when it comes to coffee machines. Filter coffee machines easily brew higher amount of black coffee. That can be handy especially at meetings since filter coffee machines have capability of serving several people at the same time. The coffee can be then divided into cups where everyone can add whatever they feel like having.

Espresso Coffee Machine

There are more types of espresso coffee machines on the market. Though it is rather ideal for cafes and restaurants, a pump-driven espresso machine can offer you probably the highest possible quality of coffee. A pistol-driven espresso machine can also deliver coffee of high quality however can be even more difficult to use than the pump-driven type.
A steam-driven espresso machine cannot be considered as a competitor of the previously mentioned machines anymore. Though it is cheaper than the other models and offers good quality of coffee it is preferred mainly by individuals and it is not considered as a good option for a professional environment.

Serving a high quality coffee can create a positive image of your company. However even though these barista style espresso machines can serve a fabulous coffee, most people around the office are not trained and may not be willing to operate such a machine which can result in poor coffee and lot of mess around the machine. On the other hand the machine usage is a standard process and if one learns it once, it is not difficult to repeat.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

If a manual espresso machine sounds like too much work, but you still like the idea of using coffee beans then bean to cup coffee machine may be the right solution for your workplace.

Bean to cup coffee machine has an integrated coffee grinder and thus offers a freshly ground coffee. This type of machine represents fast and user friendly solution that offers variety of coffee drinks. However in exchange for the higher quality one has to expect higher price as the bean to cup coffee machines represent one of the most expensive options on the market.

Single Serve Coffee Machine

Single serve coffee machines, also so called capsule machines or coffee pods machines, represent a solution for those who prefer both convenience and coffee of high quality at the same time. Another attribute preferred by many consumers is that the machine creates almost no mess. The downside of single serve coffee machines is that they are the least environment friendly solution when it comes to coffee machines.

Coffee Vending Machine

Coffee vending machines are still a pretty common solution for many businesses and institutions with high demand for coffee beverages. Its main advantage is the high volume of cups it offers. When in need of the coffee energizer, one can just push the button of the desired beverage, and that’s it.

Depending on the type, the coffee vending machine can serve up to 1200 cups per day. Another advantage of coffee vending machines is that it offers several drink options so also those with priorities different to espresso can find their desired drink. What represents the main disadvantage of coffee vending machines is a low quality of beverages they serve. Also the price of the machine itself is close to other types of coffee machines that deliver coffee of higher quality.

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  • 09/12/2016 at 16:37

    Interesting article Jana! There is now another option, traditional espresso machines using a capsule handle (you just insert the capsule where the ground coffee normally goes – here’s a video explaining how, so you get high quality coffee without the mess, plus our capsules are biodegradable, so they’re not environmentally harmful either 🙂

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