Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is Considered As One of Starbucks Board Members

Microsoft Chief Executive Satya NadellaAs Starbucks two-times CEO Howard Schultz plans to step down from his position this year, the company keeps on looking for new faces to be recruited for board seats. In the middle of January 2017 the company announced it had considered Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella as one of Starbucks’ board members as reported by

To Starbucks, Nadella can bring “extensive experience and an understanding of how technology will be used and experienced around the world” says Fortune.

As reported by the board elections are expected to happen in March 22,2017. While a Starbucks director for 27 years James Shennan is going to retire just before that, the coffee giant is considering few other names besides Nadella as its board members. Names include Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, executive chairman of LEGO and Rosalind Brewer, president and chief executive of Sam’s Club and executive vice president of Walmart.

According to, last month, Starbucks’ two-time chief executive Howard Schultz said he is stepping down from that leadership role this year. He will be succeeded by current company president and chief operating officer Kevin Johnson, who, incidentally, is a former long-time Microsoft executive.

According to, Starbucks sets aggressive goals for growth.

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