How New Technologies Impact Coffee Equipments? (Part 2)

Barista Drive System (BDS) from La Cimbali – Bluetooth communication

Barista Drive System La CimbaliThis tool implemented by La Cimbali in some of their machines and grinders allows facilitating the non-experimented barista work. Using Bluetooth connection, the professional espresso machine and the grinder(s) are able to modify the grinder(s) parameters in order to keep the initial settings for the “perfect cup”, let say 25ml in 25 seconds. Every 5 shots, the grinder adjusts its settings (dose and granulometry) in order to stay within an acceptable range from initial conditions.

So, will this tool replace the experimented Barista ?

Not really. The Barista sets the parameters and check them over time. This tool is useful when no experimented baristas are present or when many different people have access to the equipments.

The use of Bluetooth connection to communicate between the espresso machine and the grinder(s) is very clever.

The only limitation, for the moment, with BDS is that you need a machine (M100, for example) without the pressure profile option.

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