Starbucks Introduces Its Nitro Cold Brew Coffee To The UK Stores

Starbucks introduces its Nitro Cold Brew coffee to the UK stores. At last the loyal customers of Starbucks will have opportunity to enjoy their favorite drink!

Though the beverage was being sold in major cities across the US, UK residents had no chance to buy it. Fortunately from now on the iced coffee can be found also in the UK.

So let’s finally find out what Nitro Cold Brew is and why do people love it that much.

Nitro Cold Brew coffee is made by taking Starbucks’ original Cold Brew coffee (coffee brewed by steeping beans in cold water for 20 hours or more) and infusing it with nitrogen using a special tap like the one in pubs.

“It transforms the way you experience coffee and that’s constantly what we’re looking for,” says Nicole Velasquez, a product manager on the Global Cold Coffee Innovation team.  “This really impacts the mouthfeel.

It provides a real creaminess to it that you don’t normally get,” says Paul Buckner – Starbucks senior equipment technician and one of technical experts for the Nitro Cold Brew system.

Today customers have opportunity to be able to buy Nitro Cold Brew at the Starbucks Reserve Store near Leicester Square in London. Starbucks is planning to introduce its Nitro Cold Brew coffee to around 100 stores in the UK later this summer and to expand the cold coffee range.


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