The Indian Coffee Crop Yield to Hit the Minimum in 20 Years

India_coffee_beanThe world sixth largest coffee producer, India, depends on its Southern State of Karnataka for around 70% of the country’s total coffee yield. But the severe weather conditions, with high temperatures and low rainfalls hitting the coffee plants at the important flowering stages, are to impact the fruit formation badly hence affecting the overall expected yield; reported Reuters India.

The state-run coffee board forecasted the production of 350,000 tons coffee in the current season ending on September 30, but with around 25% cut back expected in Karnataka coffee yield, according to what Baba P. S. Bedi (chairman of the Karnataka Planters Association – KPA) told to Reuters, the yield could fall back to 263,000 tons in the 2016/17 crop year (the lowest since 1998/99).

With the fallen amounts of production the export consignments will probalby decline over the year 2016/17, as pointed out by a Bengaluru based exporter.

Even so, decreased yield from India can prove to be of good use for global prices, providing them with a good back, as prices are already growing due to a drop in the yield of leading producer Brazil.

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