From Colombia a Special Taste Experience

Rum Fermentation CoffeeCoffee consumers always demand new taste experiences and coffee producers always seek new innovative ideas to provide them.

A good idea comes from Colombia. The idea is Barrique Rum Fermentation. It is fermented coffee inside Rum barrels, a very particular way of processing green coffee from the Caldas, a region of Colombia, as reported by ilcaffeespressoitaliano.

But what is the process to produce this type of coffee?

The coffee is cultivated between 1350 and 1470 meters in the Finca San Jose. This coffee plant enjoys an area rich in ash from the Nevado de Ruiz volcano, with excellent sun exposure and an average temperature during the year between 21° and 25°.

The drupes most suitable for this process must be purple and very ripe, and for this reason, they are selected by hand using the picking method during the second or third harvest of the year.

The working process is the washed method, with fermentation in a tank of maximum 20 hours.

The initial drying is done inside the silo and naturally finished on Marquesinas (solar dryer characterized by having a polyethylene cover and a bamboo or PVC arch structure, where the coffee is dried in a single layer on suspended beds exposed to the sun).

All the coffee is Castillo variety and it is selected by size, mainly retaining sieves 17 and 18, and placed inside barrels of Rum that have contained the “tafia” for at least 8 years where it is left for about 3 months to reach the desired result.This quality of coffee emanates a very intense aromatic note of Rum and the cream has a nice hazelnut color. Sweetness and aromatic notes of rum that continue in the aftertaste.

The Barrique Rum Fermentation has been recognized by UNESCO as “Cultural Heritage” since 2011.

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