Poland: the coffee market away from home

Coffee market in Poland

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in Poland. Over 80% of adult Poles claim to drink it regularly. A significant number of them drink coffee at least once a day and as many as 16% have several cups of coffee every day.

With 38.4 million inhabitants, Poland is the largest coffee consumer in western Europe and the sixth largest in Europe as a whole.

The average population density in Poland is equal to 122 people per km2. People in urban areas account for 61.5% of this number. Males account for about 48.2% of the population across the country as a whole, and females account for 51.8%.

Per capita coffee consumption is 2.7 kg per year (increasing), with a total of 90 thousand tons being consumed in 2018. Robusta is the coffee bean most widely used, but consumption of arabica is increasing.

Instant coffee represents a particularly large part (between 30% and 35% of the total coffee consumed in the country), while the remaining part is roasted.

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A significant amount of instant-coffee consumption takes place in the home. In general, Polish people prefer instant cappuccino and “3-in-1”. International instant brands are mostly preferred in urban areas, whereas people tend to choose local brands in rural areas. Of the out-of-home market, a large proportion of the coffee consumed is bean and filter. In recent years, coffee consumed away from home has been increasing, bean and portioned coffee in particular.

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