North America in Love for Coffee Mugs and Brewers

RICHMOND – When you say “American coffee” your mind flies to a long coffee prepared by brewing espresso with added hot water. The name was probably given by Italians during the Second World War when, on the other hand, the term Italiano is sometimes used in the United States to mean a short Americano. In Australia, instead, the terms are different: an American coffee is named “Long Black” and “Short Black” is for espresso.

So many coffee products trade within Canada and the United States, but which really interests many customers? In the past, some surveys that have been carried out around nearly all big cities in the USA and Canada have shown that a repertoire of two coffee products interests the majority population.

The first and most popular coffee product for most coffee lovers are the coffee mugs, high quest for classy, stainless porcelain, nice shape and above all right volume has brought forth the existence of a variety of coffee mugs. One of the most renowned manufacturer and distributors of such classy mugs in the USA are the Starbucks and Ralph Lauren Company.

Coffee brewers are the next most common commodity among many coffee lovers around the two countries, a variety of coffee brewers are available in the market but only a few are chosen by the vast populace. The fast brewing, with high level efficiency and ease of operation among others are the key characteristics of the most attractive coffee brewers. Some of the most liked coffee are Wacaco Minipresso, it is barely 6 inches hence easily portable, and Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker that in 25 seconds its able to brew a cup of coffee hence ideal for office settings or camping. They are very common during winter especially in working places and camping sites.

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