Robots collect money for the machines revolution

Robots! What they are able to do? The images from the fantastic movies about the future immediately appear in our minds, where they are able to do anything! But how many of them do we see nowadays? Can they really help or replace humans? So far, only the vacuum cleaner is truly integrated into our everyday life.

Robocoff _ Coffee robot

 We thought about these issues for a long time when we created the project of our completely autonomous robotic cafe. Now we are at the very beginning of integrating robotics into human life! Very soon, 3 laws of robotics, described in the fantastic stories of Isaac Asimov, will be known to all inhabitants of the earth. But today you have a chance together with us to take a step into the future, a future where robots help people not anywhere in factories, but at arm’s length, in shopping centers or on the street!

What can our robot do? Today it can speak your native language, serve coffee and soda, and make the ice cream. But we don’t stop improving it. Perhaps soon it will learn how to serve pizza, muffins and croissants.

We don’t see it as a substitute for humans. We consider it today as a very powerful marketing tool for sale of coffee or ice cream or any other products.

There are some experience and statistics confirming the effectiveness of robotic kiosks. For example, when it’s located near the world-famous fast food brands, even with the double price for the ice cream, people still buy a lot – about 150 portions of ice cream a day. It attracts a very wide target audience, both children and adults. And since the robot will not only feed you but also communicate and joke with you, customers are coming back again and again.

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