Author: Jana Stehlíková

Why You Should Consider Coffee Machine Rental or Leasing


Buying a high quality coffee machine represents a costly investment. By purchasing the equipment you spend the money instantly. Especially smaller businesses can get tied up by such a purchase. If you are not in the position of buying the equipment outright you should consider other options – coffee machine rental or leasing. Benefits of coffee machine rental  Lower costs in

Pros and Cons of the Most Common Coffee Machines at Workplace


It is indisputable that coffee machine represents an essential equipment of every work environment. Coffee break provides a welcome pause during meetings and in general plays a crucial role in social life of a workplace. Coffee keeps people alert and makes them more productive. That is another reason why every employer should consider having a machine that serves coffee beverages.

Coffee Pods About to Overtake Instant and Ground Coffee

coffee pods and capsules consumption

A recent study from Kantar Worldpanel revealed major increase in coffee pods consumption and data shows that coffee capsules are soon to surpass both instant and standard ground coffee.

An increase of 29.5 per cent over the last 12 months in the sales of coffee capsules represents a remarkable figure. Especially in view of the fact that over the same period sales of standard ground coffee rose by only 2.5 per cent. These results raise already existing concerns about environmental consequences of coffee pods usage and the need to recycle them more efficiently.[Sign in to continue]

12 Unusual Uses for Coffee

12 Unusual Uses for Coffee

Have you ever been wondering what to do with unused coffee? To appreciate the value of coffee one doesn’t have to be a passionate coffee drinker. It could be coffee beans, a cup of coffee or even used coffee grounds that can make your life easier when used smartly. Alternative coffee usage can provide you an inexpensive way to complete