Why You Should Consider Coffee Machine Rental or Leasing

Buying a high quality coffee machine represents a costly investment. By purchasing the equipment you spend the money instantly. Especially smaller businesses can get tied up by such a purchase. If you are not in the position of buying the equipment outright you should consider other options – coffee machine rental or leasing.

Benefits of coffee machine rental 

  • Lower costs in the short term compared to purchase
  • Includes delivery and installation
  • Often there is a training provided by the supplier
  • are covered
  • You know the fixed payment period and price which helps you plan the budget effectively
  • You can arrange a short term rental agreement (suitable for conferences and one-off events)

Benefits of coffee machine leasing

Benefits of leasing a coffee machine are very similar to rental benefits. However there are still some that make leasing outstanding.

  • Leasing is a great method of purchasing new equipment
  •  After some time, you can choose to buy the machine at a reduced price
  • You will have the certainty about the machine’s qualities which makes it easier to decide whether to buy it or not

By renting or leasing a coffee machine you simply commit to fixed monthly payment. The monthly rental charge continues to be billed until you choose to stop or your contract is over. However when it comes to rental, you should realise that you’ll never own the equipment.

There is usually a fixed term of rental that is renewable. On the contrary if you go for leasing, after some time of leasing you can choose to buy the machine at a reduced price. Leasing a coffee machine allows you to get the best equipment without the necessity of paying a full cost at one go. If you need bigger or better machine in the future leasing also makes such upgrading easy.

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