Author: Vanessa Lee

Specialty Coffee: 3 Reasons To Explain To your Customers

Specialty Coffee_ 3 Reasons To Explain To your Customers

Customers often ask “Is it worth to pay extra for just a cup of coffee?”
Many customers ignore the fact that a cup of specialty coffee has much more value than they may see it on the outside. It’s a work of a collective craftsmanship which has a lot of hard work behind the scene. So,  your customers should understand what they are paying for, when they are enjoying a cup of ‘expensive’ coffee.

5 Steps to Set Up a Barista Training Program

5 Steps to Set Up a Barista Training Program

How to establish a barista training program? Here are 5 steps to do so:
Number 1: Form your C-team
That’s mean you first need a coffee experts team of people – Coffee Team. The team should consist of a group of members who are responsible to coffee quality assurance, coffee education and research & development. These people are the engine of your coffee business. They will be in touch with the latest trend of the coffee world and build up proper trainings for your barista.
Apart from that, the team serves a symbolic meaning to your barista team. They will have a group of people to look up to, which helps to create a better learning environment in the company.
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