The Importance of a Training Program for Your Barista Trainees

Barista trainingThe barista is the soul of your cafe business but, ironically, the barista is also considered one of the highest turnover jobs. How to train up a good barista and keep him is extremely crucial to your success.

The barista is your key to success

Your front-line barista is one of your most important assets. They do not only determine your cafe image but also your success. Many cafe owners invest significantly into the actual products instead of the barista. But the naked truth is without a good barista, you can never win.

Here comes the theory:

Confident & Competent barista X Clear career path = Customer Satisfaction ◊ Mutual
Satisfaction = Reduce turnover = Save time & money


Confident & Competent barista X Clear career path = Save time & money

This theory is pretty simple. As a barista trainer, I always see how much more a confident & competent barista can do to create loyal customers in the shop. Once you train up a good barista under the condition that you give them a clear career path, you notice a rise in customer satisfaction. The barista is always the first step to creating loyal customers. It is a win-win situation, having regular customers is one of the reasons to make a barista stay. This mutual satisfaction means a lower turnover rate. Ultimately, you save training time and money.

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