European coffee machines: how big is the market?

Europe market value

Europe – The economic crisis and the delay in new investments have deeply hit the European market for professional coffee machines that has become weak in recent years. In Europe, the large slice of business is linked to spare parts and services. Overall the market for coffee machines has increased slightly over the last years, above all between 2013 and 2014. Some markets has performed better than others, Germany on top.

Analysing market trends and the changes happened over the last years across European country, with some unexpected surprise.

  • Southern Europe has suffered the effects of economic crises,
  • Central and Northern Europe have been the first to show signs of recovery.
  • Western Europe seems to be the area with major potentiality, in particular the United Kingdom that is interested in the opening of new activities and investments.

The UK is one of of the most lively market for coffee machines and the spread of independent coffee stores, interested in offering good coffee blends, represents a niche for a further growth.

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