Trieste and its Coffee Tradition

Trieste and its coffee traditionA 300 years old story, the story which binds Trieste to coffee. And its biennial trade fair, TriestEspresso Expo, is just one many facets of Trieste’s coffee culture and industry. How this seaside city in north-eastern Italy is permeated by coffee culture and its economic implications, will be the topic of a series of 10 short videos, which will be published from now on, until the beginning of the Fair’s ninth edition, October, 25-27, 2018.

TriestEspresso Expo, organized by the Chamber of Commerce Venezia Giulia in cooperation with Associazione Caffè Trieste, is taking place in the fascinating location of Trieste’s “Porto Vecchio”, the ancient port of the city, and in the Hydrodynamic Station – Centrale Idrodinamica, an iconic example of industrial archeology. Both venues clearly evoke the long history and extensive expertise of Trieste’s coffee industry, starting from the moment coffee truly began to conquer “the Old Continent” and ships crossed oceans to dock on these piers with their precious merchandise.

Nowadays TriestEspresso Expo is a must-attend B2B event for an international audience. Its main highlight is its exhibition area, with around 200 exhibitors, among the most important coffee brands in the world. Green coffee importers, roasters, manufactures of espresso equipment, roasting and processing machines, manufactures of packaging, cups and a wide range of merchandise connected to coffee, but also services and forwarders companies are present. A wide programme of side-events focused on high level training completes the event.

During the last edition, in 2016, 12.500 professional visitors attended TriestEspresso Expo, 38% of which came from abroad, from 83 countries, especially from Central and Eastern Europe (52%). TriestEspresso Expo thus confirms, in fact, its relevance and role as privileged gateway for doing business with these dynamic markets.

TriestEspresso Expo is a professional event tailored to fit the needs of a highly specialized industry cluster. This cluster, represented by the registered trade mark Trieste Capitale del Caffè, will be featured in a series of 10 short videos. They will be published, one per week from now until September, on the website and relative social media. Beginning with a glimpse of the origins, the segments will then, one by one, introduce us to the universe of green coffee importers, of roasters, of decaffeination, of science and innovation, of the historical cafés and of training related experiences. In other words, all the many facets of a city, which has been loving and working with coffee for centuries.

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