Korea is a Coffee Nation. The Reasons of a Love

Coffee Culture in KoreaThe Korea Coffee White Paper, a survey carried out by Seoul Café Show and the World Coffee Leaders Forum on 1,076 participants, has been published, confirming the huge interest of Koreans for coffee.

According to the survey, 76% of respondents are coffee lovers and they drink coffee with a high frequency during the day:

  • 36 percent of interviewees drink two cups of coffee a day on average
  • 25 percent of interviewees drink  three/four cups a day
  • 15 percent said that they more cups of coffee per day.

Interesting the data about the reasons why people usually choose cafés and bars:

  • 62% for the taste of coffee
  • 20% for price
  • 13% for accessibility
  • 5% for side menus

At home, Koreans prefer percolate coffee (71%) enjoying a café-like atmosphere.

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