China, 7 reasons why coffee consumption is growing

China is best known as a tea-drinking country, but, in the last few years, it has become one of the largest coffee consumers in the world, when speaking of the emerging countries. 

According to coffee market analyses reported, the growth rate of coffee consumption in China is around 20% annually, more than 2% above the global growth rate. Experts believe that the Chinese coffee consumption market could reach thousands of billions of yuan within 10 years.

Why coffee consumption is growing in China? Here below some reasons:

  1. Coffee consumption has grown among young Chinese professionals
  2. The rise of the middle class and an overall better standard of living
  3. The increasing consumption by females (young people of the growing middle class represent the main customer at 75% and among them the female portion represents the biggest share of 70%)
  4. The opening of hundreds of new coffee stores all around China, above all in the urban cities, where the Western lifestyle is more attractive.
  5. The increasing number of local coffee houses that offer a friendly “environment” and “service” targeted on Chinese people tastes.
  6. The increasing consumption of milk, as it’s supposed that Chinese consumers has a low interest in beverages without milk and sugar.
  7. An increasing attention to professionalism, customised beverages and services, a ceremonial style of service, what feeling the environment can evoke and the differences between menus offered by different cafés.

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The reasons of the growth coffee consumption in China
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