How To Open A Coffee Shop

Every year, all over the world, thousands of coffee shops are opening. Although many of these succeed and become prosperous enterprises, many of them fail. There are many reasons for this – the wrong location, the wrong business plan or even the wrong product. Like in every industry, only the strong succeed. So how can you ensure that your coffee shop will be a success? Espresso Works created the info graphic that features some of the most important steps that will aid your ambition of opening your very own café.

One of these steps is research. Research your competitors, research beverages, research design – research everything! The more in depth your research is, the more informed your decisions will be. What will make your store unique? Choosing the correct location is also vitally important. Depending on how much foot fall the area has, your sales will reflect it. In addition to the above, you will also need to look at what beverages you will be serving in your café. Specialised equipment will need to be purchasing so it’s important you find the right space to fit everything. Will you have enough room to expand in the future? For all the details, keep reading!

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