American Coffee Consumption Reaches Its Highest Rate Since 2012

American Coffee Consumption Reaches Its Highest Rate Since 2012Americans can’t live without coffee; and it seems that coffee consumption has reached its highest level since the 2012. As reported by Reuters, coffee is taking up a wider space in Americans everyday life and coffee and tea seem to be the most consumed beverages in the USA. Just take a look at these percentages from the National Coffee Association survey: the association asked 3,000 people what they had drank the previous day at different times during the day. Homemade coffee is at its highest rate, with 79% of people declaring they had a coffee at home the previous day. Coffee shops reached 36%. However, it seems that younger Americans prefer coffee gourmet, the so-called speciality coffee, which seems to represent, according to Michael Edward (market consultant), over half the market.  Only a few people, 9%, orders coffee using a smartphone app or other delivery service.

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