Milk Lumps, the Eco Friendly Capsules

Milk lumps copertinaAccording to dailycoffeenews.comMilk lumps are one of the newest inventions made by the researchers at Germany’s Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. These small, round capsules contain milk which is placed inside it and hold by a crystalline crust so as to remain solid before putting it into a hot coffee and dissolved.

Each milk lump is surrounded by a crystal capsule which is easily produced using moulds, where the excess sugar moves to the mould edges and make crystals. Once the crystallization is finished, the interior of a lump is filled with milk – sugar solution. Taking into consideration the fact that the capsules could be easier to use than conventional plastic containers, Joachim Ulrich and his team came up with this idea many years ago, believing that the new, environmentally friendly capsules would replace the coffee creamer packaging used at conferences or on airplanes.

Martha Wellner, who developed the process, explained that various shapes of these capsules can be made and they can be used for the keeping of other liquids, not to stick only to milk. What makes them even more useful is the fact that they can be stored at room temperature and the liquid inside it can last for at least three weeks.

The creators have currently made sweetened and lightly sweetened options and are still working on a sugar free version. The patent for this process was registered in 2015, but unfortunately, there is no final product on the market yet.

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